This is my 7DRL 2019 project, 'All That Is Lies Ahead'.

It's a simulator, a game that plays itself and outputs a message log not unlike those found in classic (and even modern) roguelikes. 

Is it a roguelike? I don't know. That's really for the player to answer. 

Is it just a fiction generator? No. There is a full game simulation built from scratch running on the back end using a game system I made up over a couple days based on reading about the L4D AI Director and some of the things I find interesting about narrative tabletop systems like Blades in the Dark and Dungeon World.

I didn't make this expecting it to be good, I made it expecting it to be neat, and I think it's neat. I hope you do too.


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I think it's neat too!  I also was thinking about the AI Director and named one of my classes director.js.  Though I must admit that I didn't actually read about how it works.

I have another idea for a game that your project would be useful for.  You play a merchant who is always being hit up by the "heroes of light" or some other BS that wants a discount so they can "save the world".    Then after they die you have to go collect the gear they rented.  This would be neat for generating stories about how they got to you and how they died, and could serve as your clues for tracking them down.

Thanks for sharing your project!